Things You Need to Know About Sleep Regression

If you notice that your child, who used to have sound sleep before, is now suddenly waking up in the middle of the night, then you must know that there is some problem. This is called sleep regression.

8 month old sleep regression or of other ages lasts for two to four weeks. During this time, the baby suddenly has trouble sleeping. He will wake at night and start wailing. Various factors are linked to this condition and this includes a growth spurt, teething pain, disruptions in routine, traveling, or illness.

Disruptions in the baby’s routine can occur when he watches more TV or watches movies or shows at night before sleeping. Screen time before bed reduces the quality of sleep. When this happens, the baby gets cranky, and parents have a tough time putting them to bed.

Sleep regression is temporary. You need to follow some routines and advice to get rid of this problem. First, you need to know about the baby’s sleep cues. That is, if you see him rubbing his eyes or yawning, then you will know that he is sleepy. Even he is watching a movie at the time, take him to bed. Otherwise, he will feel more tired later and find it difficult to sleep.

Second, you need to maintain a consistent bedtime routine. If your baby watches TV, then make sure that it’s before 7pm. Also, watch family or comedy movies with him and not the violent ones. Instead of making him watch TV to fall asleep, sing lullabies or read books.

Third, you must ensure that your baby is getting enough sleep during the day as well. Otherwise, he will have sleeping problems at night.

Sleep regression will end by itself, just know how to cope with it. If your child faces any severe sleep problems, then call the doctor.