The importance of kids spending time with their parents cannot be stressed enough. No matter how busy parents are, they must find time for their kids. One of the best ways to do so is by watching movies together. This can create an intimate bond with your kids and you can know about their emotions and thoughts while watching movies together.

You can make the movie time more enjoyable by including snacks and making the atmosphere just like the movie theatres. After the movie, you can have a small session of exchanging your views about the movie.

Selecting the right movie is very important. After all, you don’t want your kids to watch age-inappropriate movies. Here are some blogs that can help you to choose the right movie to watch with your kids.

Kidz World

In this blog, you will find different types of activities concerning kids. This includes games, movies, quizzes, and other things. Here you will find movie reviews that will help you to select the best movie to watch with your kids. The good thing is that here you will find the latest movie reviews. Also, if you are confused about watching two great movies, like Godzilla or Kong, then you will get the best suggestion from this blog.

Common Sense Media

In this blog, you will know what your kids are up to. Here you will find reviews and ratings of books, games, movies, and other things given by other parents. You will find the best movie lists and reviews for kids.

There is a search button that you can use to search for movies by the age of your kids. Apart from movie reviews and other things, you will find interesting articles on why it is good to watch movies together, and related topics.

Make Use Of

In this blog, you will find a list of authentic review sites for kid’s movies. By visiting these sites you can find out about movies that are appropriate to watch with your kids. Here you will find the ratings of the movies and know what other parents and kids think about the movies.

Day Out with the Kids

Here you will find the list of 50 family movies that you can watch with your kids. You will also know about the various activities you can do with kids during the weekend and other times.

These blogs will give you good lists and reviews of movies that you can watch with kids. You will also get advice on how to watch a movie or select a movie.