How often do you spend time with your kids? Everyone is busy with their lives. Even when babies become toddlers the mother gets busy with household work leaving the toddlers to play on their own or be with a nanny.

When the kids grow older, they start to have their own world and friends. They also get engaged with different gadgets and spend less time with their family. Teens especially start spending more time with friends.

However, this can be damaging to the child’s life and personality development. You need to give more time to be with your kids. One way to do so is to merge your leisure time with that of your kids and do something that is of common interest. That is something that you both will enjoy.

What can be better than watching movies? Kids love them and you love them too. So, have movie nights together and you will have a great time. This will also allow you to interact with your kids and learn about their preferences. Watching movies together can be a great way to bond and spend some quality time together.

You will get to know a lot about how they feel in different situations by seeing their reactions when watching various scenes in the movie. In the end, you all can discuss what you liked about the movie and what you didn’t, your favorite characters, and so on.

When selecting movies to watch you must see the certification so that it’s suitable for your kid’s age. ‘PG’ and ‘12+’ are usually safe to watch as they don’t have any violent or sexual content that might be inappropriate to watch with kids. You should also choose comedy and family movies to watch as they are good for viewers of all ages.

This blog is about watching family and comedy movies with kids. Here you will get information about the best family and comedy movies you can watch. You will get a synopsis of the story and ratings too.

You will also know the importance of spending quality time with your kids and how leisure activities like movie night can help. You will also know about the appropriate timing of watching movies and the restriction on screen time so that your kids can have better sleep.